Where mood meets food

A light and healthy lunch or a fancy dinner, Thor Cental offers a diversity of tasty foods. Discover our food plaza and enjoy outstanding dishes prepared in our world cuisine. Not only the menu but also the interior of our restaurants make you experience a unique adventure on this historical site. 

Enjoy a delicious lunch? Visit our Lampada restaurant! 
Or do you prefer a more high-end lunch or dinner? Restaurant Partaasch is always open, even in the weekends. 

‘Rendez-vous point’ 

The food plaza is more than just lovely food. Our food plaza is a meeting place for everyone who likes to discover Thor Park. It’s a unique architectural  location situated in the former Sint-Barbara hall, named after the mineworker’s patroness. Its majestic staircase, glass dome, stained glass divided spaces, original black and yellow tiles and teal paint will leave a unique impression on every visitor. The food plaza is a pure reflection of the old glory! 

The food plaza is both an informal meeting place accessible for the general public and a rendez-vous and meeting point for congress attendees.
The menu pays tribute to the the multicutural society of which Waterschei’s history is part of. 

Discover the Foodplaza in 360° view


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