In the economic and logistics hotspot of Europe

Thor Central is located in the heart of the technological ELAT region. The triangle Eindhoven - Leuven - Aken is one of the world's best in generating and awarding patents. We are therefore proud to be part of this.

Thor Central is easily accessible

Thor Central is easily accessible with:

  • Airplane

Brussels 87 km -Dusseldorf 113 km -Frankfurt 272 km -Antwerpen 90 km -Charleroi 126 km -Luik 53 km -Maastricht / Aachen 27 km -Eindhoven 64 km

  • Motorways E314 and E313
  • Train

Station Genk 5 km -Station Hasselt 20 km -Station Maastricht 27 km
Direct connections between Leuven, Brussels and Ghent

  • Bus

The busstop 'Waterschei Mine', located along the André Dumontlaan between the access to Thor Park and the Nijverheidslaan, is frequently served by the city line Gl. Between 6h and 20h there is a bus every half an hour, between 7h and 9h and between 15h and 18h ‚Äč‚Äčthere is a bus every 15 minutes. The bus rides about 20 minutes from Genk Station to Thor Park. Timetable can be found here.

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