Thor Park and its history 

Thor Central, located in the middle of Thor Park, used to be the coal mining site of Waterschei and one of the seven coal mines of the Limburg coal-mining area. The mine was operational between 1924 and 1987. With a total production of 72 million tons of coal, the mine provided energy to more than 200,000 families and employment for 6,800 people. 

A 93 ha technology and science park  

Thor Park bundles its activities around one main theme: ‘digging energy for the future’. By bundeling forces with different parties, it is possible to set up a collective project approach and to launch a long term development for the sectors and specializations of each organization. This implies that Thor Park is surrounded by knowledge and expertise in sustainable energy engineering, technology and innovation. 

The creation of energy, which is Thor Park’s main vision, is based upon 5 pillars: 

  • R&D is taken care of by Energyville on the Thor site. 
  • Education and training of current and future technology talents on the T2 campus. 
  • Room for entrepreneurship is provided by IncubaThor and the elaborated business zones on the Thor site. 
  • Thor Central is the business and meeting center of Thor Park. 

Thor Park also offers a unique park and green environment which can be used for recreational purposes and creative projects. It offers a direct entrtrance to the National Park Hoge Kempen, nature reserve Klaverberg and the coal trail.

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